Working Group

A cross-functional group for ESG leaders to learn and collaborate as they decarbonise their value chains

Business leaders understand the importance of reducing value-chain emissions, which typically account for the bulk of many organisations' carbon footprint. But while they appreciate the why of taking action on Scope 3, many leaders are unclear on what the what and the how.

Sustainability Leaders' Scope 3 Consortium brings together a cross-functional group of ESG leaders tasked with executing on their company’s Scope 3 strategies.

The Consortium is an essential destination that will enable leaders to:

  • Learn from others: Discover more the latest best practices in Scope 3
  • Collaborate on solutions: Discuss approaches with peers and connect with companies working on similar challenges.
  • Access tools and templates: Deliver impact at scale by leveraging best-practice tools and templates.

Capped to a maximum of 30 participants per session, the Consortium provides an opportunity to deep-dive into what is working in Scope 3, allowing for a unique level of knowledge sharing and benchmarking among members.

Upcoming activities

4 September 2024
  • Scope 3 Consortium
6 November 2024
  • Scope 3 Consortium