Working Group

A strong marketing approach in sync with the sustainability team can deliver numerous business benefits

Marketing and communications are two key functions that ESG teams look to partner with, according to Sustainability Leaders research. With companies under pressure to communicate how they address environmental and social issues, those functions can play a crucial role. While a poorly executed ESG communications plan may lead to reputational damage or accusations of greenwashing, a strong marketing approach in sync with a sustainability team’s work can produce myriad benefits for the business. 

To support companies in how they craft their sustainability marketing and comms strategies, this Sustainability Leaders working group will explore the following through a series of activities:

  • Marketing sustainability: the dos and don’ts.
  • Linking ESG communications with ESG investment.
  • How marketing can help reduce downstream consumer impacts.

Upcoming activities

There are no scheduled meetings for this Working Group, please check the Calendar for upcoming networking opportunities