Working Group

If businesses are to make progress on their Scope 3 targets, they must adopt a coordinated approach to managing supplier emissions with their industry peers

Making progress on reducing Scope 3 emissions requires collaboration. This is true not only between buying companies and their suppliers – where collaboration is essential to address ESG impacts – but also among competitors. Inconsistencies in how companies approach Scope 3 often undermines any progress they make and, as such, it is critical for businesses within industries to develop an aligned method of managing their supply chains.

To support companies in how they collaborate to address Scope 3, this Sustainability Leaders working group will explore the following topics through a series of activities:

  • How buying companies collaborate with their suppliers to address ESG issues.
  • Ways in which buying companies collaborate with one another to create shared standards.
  • Platforms that companies use to encourage and enable collaboration.

Upcoming activities

There are no scheduled meetings for this Working Group, please check the Calendar for upcoming networking opportunities