Working Group

With many leaders citing a lack of ESG budget as a significant challenge, this group will explore how companies can fund their sustainability efforts

While a business might be convinced of the need to prioritise sustainability, the question remains: who pays for it? McKinsey estimates that, on average, $9.2tn/year will need to be spent on physical assets to achieve net-zero by 2050. Taking into account other environmental and social issues, the cost will be significantly higher. It is no surprise, then, that one-third of companies cite a lack of budget as their greatest internal barrier to improving sustainability, according to Sustainability Leaders’ Sustainability Planning Guide 2024.

This working group will address the question of who pays for sustainability. Exploring a mixture of financial considerations, from internal budgeting to supplier financing, participants can expect to better understand how companies can effectively fund their sustainability strategies.   

Activities will explore:

  • Key finance challenges and solutions.
  • Creating a sufficient budget for sustainability.
  • Financing Scope 3.

Upcoming activities

24 April 2024
  • Working Group Session
22 May 2024
  • Working Group Session
4 June 2024
  • Working Group Session