Working Group

Businesses not ony assuming responsibility for tackling climate change, but doing so in a way that is fair, inclusive and leaves no one behind

We all know what the science says: cut global emissions by half and limit temperature increases to 1.5°C, or face the prospect of climate breakdown. But what implications do these changes have on people and communities?

This question lies at the heart of the just transition concept, and is one that businesses are increasingly having to answer. The International Labour Organization defines a just transition as “greening the economy in a way that is as fair and inclusive as possible to everyone concerned, creating decent work opportunities, and leaving no one behind”. As businesses seek to green their value chains and transition away from fossil fuels, they must do so in such a way that has a positive impact on people.

This working group will examine how businesses are preparing for the just transition and bringing workers along their climate journeys with them. Participants can expect to gain insight into just transition strategies, targets and projects that businesses are implementing.

Upcoming activities

21 August 2024
  • Working Group Session
24 September 2024
  • Working Group Session
9 October 2024
  • Working Group Session