Working Group

Developing a collaborative approach to creating corrective action plans will help improve sustainability across the supply chain

Supplier auditing alone is not sufficient for organisations to make progress against their supply chain ESG targets. To achieve their goals, companies must adopt a formal approach to implementing corrective action plans. Among others, this requires that the organisation prioritises the types of ESG projects it works on; communicates to suppliers; and establishes how it supports suppliers in making improvements.  

To support companies in developing an approach to corrective action planning, this working group will explore the following topics:

  • Ways of segmenting suppliers to prioritise those in need of corrective action planning.
  • Communications strategies for reaching out to suppliers in need of corrective action planning.
  • Methods of improving suppliers’ ESG performance through a corrective action plan.

Upcoming activities

22 June 2022
  • Working Group Session
13 July 2022
  • Working Group Session