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Working towards sustainable packaging

Consumer goods companies and retailers are committing to making the packaging of their products more sustainable. Doing so affects every part of the value chain, from supply, to design, to consumer use.

In this Insight Call, we’ll be speaking to Yashica Kasiram, Sustainable Packaging Lead at Heineken, on the beverage company’s packaging strategy. This will be followed by a Q&A and group discussion, where we will learn more about each company’s approach to sustainable packaging.

During the discussion portion of the call, participants should each come prepared to answer the following questions. If you feel unable to, please provide a perspective from your respective function or industry:

  • How does sustainable packaging fit into your overall sustainability strategy?
  • What work is your company currently undertaking to improve sustainability in packaging?  
  • What roles do different functions around the business play? E.g. R&D, supply chain, marketing.

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