Date: 6 November 2024
Length: 60 min
Session time: 15:00 GMT

Today’s market for Scope 3 solution providers is busier than ever. With an abundance of possible vendors covering different aspects of Scope 3, it can be difficult for teams to decide where to spend their often limited budgets.

This focus group will examine participants’ experience of working with a range of different solution providers in the Scope 3 space, covering data, transparency, and decarbonisation.

Participants will be asked to:

  • Share one solution provider they have used to support their Scope 3 strategy over the past 12 months.
  • Their experience of working with these providers – what were the benefits and shortcomings?

Recommended Participants

  • Corporate sustainability
  • Procurement and supply chain

Note: there is a limit of two representatives per company on this call

Session format

A 60-minute video-enabled focus group. The session will be dedicated to encouraging knowledge-sharing between all participants to compare strategies. Each attendee is expected to share their function’s approach to the topic.

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