Date: 12 June 2024
Length: 60 min
Session time: 15:00 GMT

While a business might establish a clear Scope 3 strategy, buying companies are ultimately dependent on their suppliers for its implementation. But what if suppliers are reluctant to adopt the business’s policies and take the action necessary? In this scenario, incentivisation and engagement techniques are often necessary as a means of bringing the supplier on-board with the business’s plans.

In this focus group call, participants will share examples of the most effective incentivization and engagement methods their companies have used, and workshop through ways of continuous improvement for the future.

Participants will be asked to share:

  • The most effective incentives used to boost sustainable performance from your suppliers.
  • Engagement methods employed to help encourage suppliers to focus on your Scope 3 plans

Recommended Participants

  • Corporate sustainability
  • Procurement and supply chain

Session format

A 60-minute video-enabled focus group. The session will be dedicated to encouraging knowledge-sharing between all participants to compare strategies. Each attendee is expected to share their function’s approach to the topic.

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