Date: 26 January 2023
Length: 60 min
Session time: 15:00 GMT

**New for 2023** Three times throughout the year, the entire Sustainability Leaders community will gather to focus on and share annual strategies, commitments being made, targets set and progress being made against those. 

The first strategy exchange of the year will focus on 2023 ESG priorities and metrics allowing members to benchmark their plans against other in the community while gathering fresh ideas for strategy tweaks. 

Each member company will be provided a slide template in advance to present during the session which will outline their:

  • Key targets and commitments for the year
  • Methods for monitoring goals
  • How success will be defined


To register, please contact your account manager, Lucy Tankard for more information

To allow enough time for short 5-minute presentations by each member company in addition to questions, this strategy exchange will be split across two days with each session lasting an hour in length. It’s highly recommended that each member company have at least one representative present during each session.

Two further strategy exchanges will be held later in the year to check-in on how member companies are tracking against these commitments, as well as to offer support on ways to accelerate progress. 

Recommended Participants

Sustainability Leaders members are encouraged to have their CSO (or equivalent) and other key corporate sustainability leaders with direct influence over the ESG join the two sessions. A nominated representative from this group will be requested to present an overview of their team’s 2023 ESG goals and ambitions during the session. 

Key stakeholders from around the business who are responsible for ESG strategy implementation are also welcomed to join.

Session format

A 60 minute video enabled virtual roundtable. The session is dedicated to knowledge sharing between all participants to compare and contrast strategies. Each attendee is expected to actively share their function’s approach on the topic of discussion.