Date: 15 February 2023
Length: 60 min
Session time: 15:00 GMT

Against the backdrop of a global energy crisis that has seen damaging shortages and unprecedented increases in power prices, companies are increasing their investments into renewable energies that are both good for the planet and cost efficient. In 2022, Sustainability Leaders created a working group that explored these different energy sources, including their advantages and disadvantages and how businesses are structuring their investments.

Over half a year on, Sustainability Leaders is re-gathering the working group to discuss how energy strategies are developing, progress against Scope 2 targets, and energy investment priorities. Participants can expect to share and learn a number of different points:

  • How businesses continue to adapt their sustainable energy strategies
  • How strategies are being affected by the energy crisis
  • Changes to Scope 2 plans

Recommended Participants

As well as original working group participants, Sustainability Leaders members can nominate and invite new relevant stakeholders to this discussion. This could include:

  • Corporate sustainability
  • Site managers
  • Procurement
  • Relevant stakeholders responsible for energy strategy or implementation

Session format

A 60 minute video enabled virtual roundtable. The session is dedicated to knowledge sharing between all participants to compare and contrast strategies. Each attendee is expected to actively share their function’s approach on the topic of discussion.

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