Date: 30 April 2024
Length: 60 min
Session time: 15:00 GMT

Preserving biodiversity continues to grow as a priority for businesses. With new frameworks in 2023 like the TNFD and Science-based Targets Network (SBTN), and new laws like the Nature Restoration Act, companies are investing more than ever into addressing their biodiversity footprints.

In the summer of 2023, Sustainability Leaders convened a working group of cross-industry companies to analyze the ways in which companies can improve biodiversity. Over half a year later, the group will re-gather to examine a case study of how one organization is leveraging collaboration to address its biodiversity footprint. Participants will additionally share how their biodiversity strategies are developing, successes they have experienced, and plans for 2024.

Participants can expect to share and learn on several points:

  • The role of collaboration in protecting biodiversity
  • How biodiversity strategies are developed and executed 
  • Biodiversity targets that companies have in place for the short- to mid-term future

Recommended Participants

Recommended participants include:

  • Corporate sustainability
  • R&D/engineering 
  • Supply chain/procurement

Session format

A 60 minute video enabled virtual roundtable. The session is dedicated to knowledge sharing between all participants to compare and contrast strategies. Each attendee is expected to actively share their function’s approach on the topic of discussion.

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