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Virtual Roundtable

Methods for tracking and reporting carbon metrics

  • Date: 25th March 2021

Please reserve this time for our Virtual Roundtable on Methods for tracking and reporting carbon metrics. This is our second networking call as a charter group.

In this virtual roundtable, we will examine how organisations track their carbon footprint – both in their direct operations and in their wider value chains – and the metrics they have in place to report progress back to the business.

Participants should each come prepared to answer the following questions. If you feel unable to, please provide a perspective from your respective function:

  • How much visibility does your organisation have of its carbon footprint, not only in its direct operations, but in its wider value chain (upstream in supply chain and downstream in consumer)?
  • What metrics does your organisation have in place to report its carbon footprint? How do these differ by function?
  • How does your organisation calculate reductions made to its footprint?

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